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Jan 2023

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"Sing Along With Katie and Seniors too"

Come with your little ones and sing along with Katie in a class where seniors are welcome too! Young children and babies attend this family music class with their parents or caregiver. Seniors from the community are welcome to join in for free and take part in the class as well! This is the only intergenerational music class of its kind running in West Van!


Katie aims to create a fun music loving community that spans generations. Intergenerational music classes can enrich both the lives of seniors and our very young. Being immersed in a group of adults singing and dancing together goes a long way in supporting your child’s musical development and growth. Katie sings her original songs that appeal to music lovers of all ages. She also includes a variety of traditional children’s songs and familiar songs that many of our older generation know and love. Armed with her guitar, shaker eggs, scarves and small instruments, Katie has a vast toolbox of creative activities that bring people together in joyful music making. Get ready to sing along, dance along and laugh along in a warm and friendly environment where every voice is welcome!

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Seniors and their companions can drop in for free anytime!  Please help spread the word and tell anyone you know who

may enjoy this activity. It's a great outing for someone caring for an elderly person who needs extra support.


TUESDAYS 10:30am-11:15am  

April 4 - June 13, 2023

Suitable for 6mos - 5 years


Location: Senior Activity Centre, West Vancouver

Register through the West Vancouver Rec Centre


Babies and young children are the best ice breakers and many seniors delight in having an opportunity to interact and play with the youngest members of our community. Music is a great connector! Come and give this new class a try!  Registration for this program is through the West Van Rec Centre online registration website. 

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"Katie is pure magic! I've taken all three of my kids to her music classes and I can't say enough about them. They are always fun, interactive and a great accessible way to introduce music to little ones. I love when I catch my kids singing along to her songs outside of class!"  Testimonial by Laura O.

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"Sing Along With Katie" 

Join Katie on Fridays at Gleneagles for her "Family Music Class" OR her brand new "Babies Only" class. 


Katie's "Family Music Class" has been developed with both young children and the grown ups who love them in mind. Sing along as Katie leads your family through action songs, story songs, simple dance routines and small instrument play. Katie interweaves the use of props such as scarves, a parachute, puppets and storybooks to help keep children fascinated and engaged. Grown up participation is highly encouraged!  

The session fee is per family. Siblings are welcome to attend at no additional cost as are additional adult family members who are keen to participate. Every voice is warmly welcomed in a "Sing Along With Katie" class. Come and see what North Shore parents in the know are raving about!

Calling all new parents with babies! Come and try Katie's brand new "Babies Only" class!  This class is suitable for babies (10 months and under) and their parents. Katie knows that children are born musical. Babies seem innately tuned in to the joy that music brings. They love to coo, sing and rock to the beat right from birth! Babies also love to imitate everything you do. Singing to your baby and holding them while you dance is connective, calming and bonding for the both of you. Engaging babies in musical activities helps them with speech development and physical literacy.  And, of course, it evokes so many smiles, giggles, wiggles and delighted coos!  Meet other new parents from the North Shore. Stay after class and treat yourself to a cup of coffee and conversation with other parents from class in the GECC coffee shop. 



FRIDAYS 11:00am - 11:45am

April 14 - June 13, 2023

Ages 6mos - 5 years

Location: "Living Room" Gleneagles Community Centre, West Van

Session Fee:  $275.00

Register through the West Vancouver Rec Centre


FRIDAYS 12:00am - 12:30am

April 14 - June 13, 2023

Ages 0 - 10 months

Location: "Living Room" Gleneagles Community Centre, West Van

Session Fee:  $200.00

Register through the West Vancouver Rec Centre

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"Both of my grandsons have participated in "Sing Along With Katie" It's a wonderful introduction to live music. Katie is warm, fun and very inclusive. The little ones are spellbound by her energy. Her choices on music, depending on the season and holidays, are perfect for engaging the children .Thank you Katie!"     Testimonial by Jenny C. 

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"Sing! Dance! Create! with Katie" 

Spend the morning with your little one engaged in exploring nature, music and art together! Join Katie as she leads you on a "Musical Walk" (weather permitting, on rainy days you will have an indoor music class). Return to create art together with what was found on your walk! Participate in a simple dance class that will get both parents and children moving and smiling. Cuddle up for some relaxing lullabies and a musical storytime. Each camp day will have a special theme exciting to preschoolers. Parent/Caregiver participation required.



Monday March 20th - Thursday March 23rd, 2023

9:00am - 11:00am each day

Ages 2 - 4 years  (parent participation required) 

Location: Arbutus Room at the West Van Rec Centre

Session Fee:  $200.00 

Register through the West Van Rec Centre

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