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Preschool and Daycare Music Classes with Katie


Katie enjoys visiting several North Shore preschools and daycares weekly to share her love of music. Children appreciate Katie's energy, big heart and goofy nature.  Katie's guitar, small musical instruments, scarves, puppets and storybooks all help to keep the children entranced, engaged and always learning. Fun is had each week as they all sing, laugh and dance the session away! 

"The children at Dundarave Preschool By The Sea look forward to their weekly music classes with Katie. She is very skilled at engaging children with a variety of materials and instruments to teach basic concepts while having fun. We feel very fortunate to have Katie as a part of our program." 

Testimonial by Kim Pender of Dundarave By The Sea Preschool 

If you would like to set up a regular "Sing Along With Katie" music class at your preschool or daycare please send Katie an email. Katie is also available for special daycare/preschool parties or events. Please email with questions or your centre's specific needs. 



Weekly half an hour visit: $80.00

Weekly 45 minute visit: $100.00

Weekly 60 minute visit: $120.00

Special Event Preschool or Daycare Show:

$300.00 for a one hour performance

Please email with questions or your centre's 

specific needs. 

Katie Brock-6.jpeg

"I honestly can't say enough about Katie, her joy and music fill the air every Wednesday when she comes to visit us in our two preschool classes for our three and four year olds. The children absolutely adore her, and we are all treated to her delightful voice and the sounds of her guitar and other instruments. If you are looking for a loving, fun, dynamic and professional music teacher for your program, look no more, Katie has the whole package."  Testimonial by Miss Diana of PJ Kids

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